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Doctor Solev Yojoct
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I'm a 22 year old who has a BA in Computer Science, and will be getting his MFA in Film Production. I don't intend to combine the two.

My current music indulgences are anything ska or underground hip-hop related, but my tastes in music are expansive.

Currently I am watching (television):

1) Grey's Anatomy
2) Lost
3) Entourage
4) Buffy
5) Mad Men

Currently I am listening to:
1) Flight of the Conchords - Self Titled
2) Arrogant Sons of Bitches - Everything
3) The Fratellis - Costello Music
4) Highschool Football Heroes - Anything I can find
5) Streetlight Manifesto - Somewhere in the Between

Currently I am watching (film):
1) Midnight Cowboy
2) Unforgiven
3) Dr. Strangelove
4) The Departed
5) Bring It On

Currently I am reading:
-Not much, the medium has gone by the wayside. Digg, lots of digg, to pass the time at school.

The above is probably the best explanation of what I am into right now. Note I am not actually watching or listening to any of those things, but the above is the art that I have recently been indulging myself with. I enjoy talking about any of the above and anything in my interest section, as well as anything that deals with computers.