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Previous Entry A quick list of notes Mar. 4th, 2009 @ 11:23 pm Next Entry
Gah, I don't know where to start...it's been so long. I'll give some short things.

-My drafts for my Production II (sync sound, yay!) film are getting better, but there's still this divide. All the females I show it to are turned off by the main character being an asshole, but all the males I have shown it to find it funny regardless. I'm at a crossroads over whether I should make the guy more likeable, or just let it stand on it's own.

-We have to write a thesis script to pitch in Thesis Prep. I think the class is a pretty big joke, and I've been doing sex comedies up until now, so I think my script will be a 20 minute action movie with lots of guns and dead people. I probably won't shoot it for my thesis, but I may shoot it over the summer. I've really been geeking out of this and want to use some of the ideas I've learned. Plus I feel like film school puts you in this odd position of rebelling against the stereotypes of student filmmakers, but people rebel so far that they become a completely new stereotype. I think I just want to play.

-I took Cinematography as an overload class, and love it. Mostly because I've gotten to be hands on with a ton of gear, including some bigger toys:
-Arrihead II
-Panasonic Varicam
-Pee Wee dolly

The Varicam is cool and has a similar button layout to the HMC150, which I just recently bought.

-I bought an Panasonic HMC150. I flipped my XL2 for a chunk of money, then used some saved up scratch to buy it. This may have been a bad decision, but I think I can flip it later and buy a Scarlet with money made over the summer. This is kind of my dream, because I want to shoot my thesis digitally, but I also want to use a more legit camera.

-I dig Apple's Genius Bar. Maybe it's because my MBP is still under extended warranty, but I brought it in at 10:30 this morning with some of the keys not working, and they called me by 2pm saying it was all set. On top of this they noticed that the top piece (one large piece that includes palm rests and track pad) was coming undone, so they replaced that too. My computer looks brand new, no complaints there. It also still manages to handle AVCHD footage, which I was terribly worried about when I bought my new camera.

-I have no idea what I'm doing this summer. I think I'm going to try to get a job at The Workshops, which are a set of year-round workshops for filmmakers/photographers that take place in Rockport, Maine (about an hour away from my house in SoPo). All the people I work with that have worked there have spoken highly about them, so I'm considering.

-I don't know what I want to do with film. I have my hand in soooo many jars it's not even funny. I am the DP of 4 projects this semester (my own, plus 3), but I keep fighting the idea that I should be a cinematographer and not a director. Maybe this will change. I'm also digging compositing as of late, as well as color correcting and editing. I'm just a big geek and all of that stuff makes me giddy.

-I have a job in the "rental house" on campus. My boss says I'd be considered a prep tech in the real world. To me it just means being able to touch all of the gear, and be surrounded by it all the time. Geekery at it's finest.

I think that's it for now. All is good.
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Date:March 5th, 2009 04:36 pm (UTC)
that's how i feel too. so much stuff excites me an i've got my hand in a little bit of it all, don't know what i would want to concentrate on. jack of all trades, master of none.

all the film stuff sounds fun though! post something. thanks! haha =)
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